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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Content Done Better Report sent... Problems?

The first issue of the Content Done Better Report went out yesterday a little ahead of the five o'clock deadline. If you subscribed, you should certainly have your copy by now.

I've had two people tell me that they didn't get it.

The first person's email address wasn't on the subscriber list. They may have failed to appropriately confirm their intention to subscribe to the newsletter or they may have attempted to use the subscription form during part of one day when it was not functioning correctly. Hopefully, they can give it another shot and get on the list.

The second person mentioned the lack of receipt in a comment at this blog. She didn't leave her email address, but she did leave her first name (which is pretty distinctive). I found an email address that I'm 99% sure belongs to her on my list. So, I have no idea why she didn't receive a copy unless she either subscribed after the newsletter went out or just decided to try again after leaving the comment.

The stats for the newsletter show three subscriptions "pending." That means people began the subscription process but failed to confirm their interest in the newsletter. The service I'm using makes sure that all subscribers go through that double opt-in process in order to prevent any risk of perceived spamming. It does make subscribing a little tougher than just going through a one-click process, but I appreciate that concern and their compliance with various anti-spamming regulations and conventions.

It's also possible that the newsletter may have been snagged by a spam filter for some subscribers. If you didn't get your copy of the Content Done Better Report, check your spam folder. Your email service may have been a little bit too discerning this time around!

I received my own copy of the newsletter and a previous test post sent just to myself worked, so I have every reason to believe it was sent successfully. However, I haven't received confirmation from other recipients, so it is hypothetically possible that it disappeared into some nasty black hole.

If you DIDN'T receive your copy, please comment on this thread so we can get to the bottom of the problem.

If you DID receive your copy and can spare a minute, please comment that it went through. I'll feel better when I know at least a part of the subscriber list got the goods!

Oh, and if you still haven't subscribed you can do that right now. The subscription form is on the right sidebar.

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