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Friday, October 27, 2006

Who supplies those $4 articles? Q&A with Pawan Bahuguna of PeeBee Info$y$...

Interview with Pawan Bahuguna (left) of Pee Bee Info$y$

The freelance content writing rate debate is always raging. How much should writers demand? What is their work really worth? Invariably, the discussion, at some point, turns to non-U.S. content writers and their willingness to provide materials at a rate most of us wouldn't think of offering.

Some of us lament increasing competition. We feel hamstrung by a global economy that allows writers in India and elsewhere the ability to charge rates lower than what we can reasonably provide. Some of us question the legitimacy of so-called "cut-rate" providers and assume their product is the byproduct of cutting and pasting instead of writing. We question the quality of the work produced by those in some parts of the international marketplace.

I've never had a problem with the competition. Unlike some, I welcome it. I do wish that we all took to the keyboards on a more level global economic playing field, of course, but understand that isn't about to happen any time soon in the writing industry or elsewhere.

I have, however, questioned both the legitimacy and quality of incredibly inexpensive content.

Recently, I stumbled across a sales letter for a company offering articles for $4 each. Usually, I just shake my head when I see these offers and click away to something else. This time, however, I decided to take advantage of the discovery. I wrote an email to the head of the outfit making the offer, Pee Bee Info$ys$.

I asked Pawan Bahuguna if he'd be willing to answer a few questions for me. I explained what I do and about this blog and told him that I thought it would be interesting for me and the Content Done Better Blog readers to get an "inside look" and some direct answers from someone in his position. He agreed to an interview, which was conducted via email.

Here's the text of the interview:

1. What convinced you to get into the content business?

Pawan Bahuguna: Content is one such area that boosts the overall impact of a website. Meaningful content is what a visitor looks for when he clicks on a website in a search engine. That’s why I decided to offer what is in demand and has a huge scope to grow, in fact grow in multiples.

2. I found out about your service yesterday. How long have you been offering it to the public?

Pawan Bahuguna: Earlier we were writing articles for Indians and few Americans only. But since last 8 months we have expend our business globally.

3. Are things going well? Are you keeping busy with Pee Bee Info$y$ article orders?

Pawan Bahuguna: By the grace of GOD and our GURU JI every thing is going smoothly.

Yes, of course we are busy and in process of expanding our staff due to increase demand of unique and quality content, manly for Bulk articles. We are trying to rope in more quality content writers available in the industry to cater to our client’s requirements.

4. You offer $4 articles on bulk orders (50+ pieces). How long are the articles?

Pawan Bahuguna: Mainly from 250-300 words and if you want more then that then you have to pay extra $2 for every 100 words.

5. Are there any topics your writing team can't handle? Any special areas of expertise?

Pawan Bahuguna: Our team is well experienced and adept to write on any subject or topic. We can write articles on all possible thinkable topics including Porn.

There is no special area of expertise. Our team of content writers is that of experienced professionals in the industry and is capable of handling every project with perfection.

We can also write a sales letter if required, but for that you have to contact me directly on pawan@peebeeinfosys.com

6. Some people cling to the belief that inexpensive content is likely to be plagiarized. What kind of protections do you offer buyers with respect to content originality?

Pawan Bahuguna: I will only say if you find our articles as JUNK or COPIED then I will refund your whole money including Paypal commission PLUS your REWARD.

Lower cost does not mean that you will have to compromise on quality. We provide quality and cost effective premium product in form of articles and sales letters. No article is copied as it is from the source; the general information is gathered from various resources and compiled into a comprehensive article in a different tone and style altogether.

Every article is checked on COPYSCAPE (Duplicate Content Finder) that’s why we are giving you the Copyrights and Master rights also.

7. As you are no doubt aware, there are many web-focused writers who can't understand how or why it's possible to offer new content at such a low price. How can Pee Bee Info$y$ get things done so inexpensively?

Pawan Bahuguna: If you compare the price of our articles globally then you will find our articles are very inexpensive. But for INDIAN peoples the prices are normal.

We are based in India which is a known centre of knowledge and talent around the world. Here the talent is much inexpensive when compared to other European countries in the world.

India is a proven destination of cost-effective solutions related to any industry like IT, BPO, Medical Transcription etc. And content industry is going to be the next big outsourcing thing to India. That’ why the prices may sound unexpectedly lower as per general market trends in the international markets but as per the Indian industry, the prices are very much O.K.

8. There are many writers and webmasters who believe that low-priced content inevitably suffers from low quality. How would you rate the quality of the $4 Pee Bee Info$y$ articles?

Pawan Bahuguna: It’s a common man thinking that if he will invest less then he will get less. I will again like to say that “Lower costs don’t mean that you will have to compromise on quality.”

But this thinking is not applicable here. Just give me $4 and I will give you the article of $40.

9. Do you offer any quality or satisfaction guarantees?

Pawan Bahuguna: YES we do. If you find our articles as JUNK or COPIED then I will refund your whole money including Paypal commission PLUS your REWARD.

10. In our earlier email exchange, you told me that buyers won't get a "rocking sales letter" or "junk articles." You described the content as "simple and meaningful." What kind of uses do you feel these articles have? How can they be best used?

Pawan Bahuguna: Our articles have the information of your Keyword, It won’t be a rocking sales letter. If you want articles about CONTACT LENS then the article contains general information like its usage, types of contact lens, its price range etc.

The article will be stitched around a keyword or topic with understandable and non junk information. The article will purely be meant for relevant information purpose.

11. Many writers are frustrated by international competition. Many American writers, for instance, are very concerned about competition from India and elsewhere. They feel that many non-US providers have an unfair advantage because they can afford to work for less due to the nature of the global economy. What are your thoughts on that subject?

Pawan Bahuguna: It’s absolutely right. We are also taking the same benefits from our economy. If we can earn enough profit from $4 and our customer are satisfied with that rate then why we charge high.

Competition makes the economy healthier and helps it grow. It harnesses the need of innovation and new thought process to excel. No one will become a competition if the quality and costs are competitive.

As I said earlier, if we are getting what we want, we will not be grabbing other’s clients or will steal their ideas. When I am satisfied with my clients and my clients are satisfied with my quality and rates, there is no point that I will change both at any cost. Because I have to stay alive in the market.

12. I'll be honest, when I look at your rates for bulk jobs and do the math, it isn't a price Content Done Better would be willing or able to match. Do you think Pee Bee Info$y$ is in competition with those of us who charge a higher rate or do you think we are really going after different markets and providing a different kind of service?

Pawan Bahuguna: It is very obvious for some one to accept such a quote. I know its unbelievable and surprising also. But that’s what we offer. Yes we are in a fierce competition form India as well as from other countries.

But I could attract a customer initially by projecting the low cost, but I give you the satisfaction guarantee. The long lasting relationship cannot be based on fake promises. And that’s why we have clients returning to us with more orders once they get the work done for us.

13. Is there anything else you'd like the readers of the Content Done Better Blog to know about Pee Bee Info$y$ and what you're doing?

Pawan Bahuguna: We can provide the following other services too:

1. Articles in your own language.
2. Sales Letter
3. Search Engine Optimized Articles


I'll be honest. I personally believe that most low-priced content produced in India and other similar non-U.S. locales does suffer from a relative quality deficit compared to the English language content written stateside and in the U.K.

I think that most of this blog's American readers will probably feel similarly after reading Pawan's responses. He can obviously communicate his ideas in English, but you can tell that his mastery and understanding of the language is different from what we expect of "native" English writers. I don't say that to denigrate Pawan or what he is doing with Pee Bee. I also think it's worth reminding everyone that Pawan runs Pee Bee Info$y$--he isn't necessarily a content writer.

There are some great Indian content writers out there, of course, and Pawan may have many of the working for him, I don't know. I do, however, know that in most cases a good U.S. content writer is going to produce more useable and readable material than will an Indian writer. There are situations in which that matters a great deal to buyers and other situations where it is less important. It all depends on the buyer's business model and plans for the content.

I also tend to believe that Pawan and I are not really in direct competition with one another because of that. I think that my client pool and his probably don't overlap much, if at all. I think that those interested in the bulk purchase of $4 articles probably wouldn't even consider paying my rate for an equal number of pieces. Pawan didn't seem to see it that way, but I see Content Done Better and Pee Bee Info$y$ as offering two distinct products that aren't really interchangeable.

What I really enjoyed about our emails and his answers to my questions the most, however, was being reminded of our similarities. Pawan expresses dedication and willingness to put his money where his mouth is with respect to plagiarism concerns. He's concerned about developing good customer relations and shares some thoughts similar to my own with respect to the global marketplace and international competition.

I guess what I am getting at is this... When some writers complain about rates and begin to talk about non-U.S. competition and the challenges it might present, there is a tendency to vilify those folks on the other side of the globe. When you take the opportunity to read what they have to say, however, you really start to see them as people with whom you share some common ground and less as part of a faceless horde of would-be business thieves and enemies.