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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Incredibly obvious, day-behind-the-curve recommendation...

For those who haven't yet found out from eight million other sources, Firefox 2.0 is now available. It does, of course, rock.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is becoming more and more of a mystery to me. Why would anyone use Gates' browser when Firefox--a FREE alternative--is markedly better? I've had the chance to use the newest Explorer update and can't imagine why anyone would prefer it to Firefox.

I'm not the world's most sophisticated web user, but I do rely on my browser more than most people and I am firmly entrenched in the Firefox camp. It feels faster, is ostensibly more secure (I'm no expert on that), and I love all of the add-ons I can use. If you are not using Firefox, I recommend making the switch. The download and installation only take a few minutes, it doesn't cost a dime, and Firefox just works better.

The Firefox 2.0 changes are primarily improvements, not re-designs. The tabbed browsing is nicer and that was immediately noticeable. If you are interested in the specific 2.0 tweaks, you can check the design notes or read the Mozilla press release.

Anyway, go download Firefox 2.0, or if you're the "I won't touch it until it's been through the grinder" type, grab the last release and give it a test drive.

If you do prefer Explorer and have a moment or two to spare, please feel free to leave a comment about why you like it better. Maybe I'm just missing something.

Firefox 2