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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Technorati comes back to the Content Done Better Blog...

Twenty-five days ago, Technorati left me. It stopped noticing my posts and pretended as if I wasn't updating. I tried to get in touch a few times. Technorati continued to ignore me.

Tonight, Technorati found me again. Their customer service rep. sent an email. They have a backlog of service requests, so it took awhile to get to my pleas. They apologized for the delay, indicated that they had made "an adjustment," and sent their friendly spider over to see what had been missed over the last month.

I don't know what the adjustment was, but it worked. Technorati came back and noted every previously ignored word of this blog.

So, here's the moral to the story. If Technorati has stopped updating your blog or isn't indexing it correctly, don't give up on them. Drop the support people a line. Then wait. It might take them a few weeks, but they will get to you. And they can fix the problem. At least they could fix this one.

Way to go Technorati. Sure, a fix within five minutes would have been nice, but all's well that ends well.

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