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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ghostwriting success offer...What would you pay for information on content writing? A waitress (waiter) speaks out...

Today, I uncovered an offer from Kelly McCausey and Nell Taliercio. Well, it's actually from "Kelly and Nell," but I was able to determine that "Kelly" was McCausey and I am assuming "Nell" is Taliercio, because wee bit of research indicates that they probably work together with at least some regularity.

The offer: "The Ghostwriting Success Teleseminar."

$27 buys you an MP3, a transcript of that MP3 and an additional special report. The teleseminar is designed to answer the numerous questions people have about a career in online ghostwriting. It also provides the authors'/compilers' perspective on what it takes to make it as a ghostwriter.

The write:

Both of us (Kelly and Nell) have been making heavy use of ghostwriters in our online businesses. We have experienced really good ghostwriters and we've ran into some really bad ones. We've given a lot of thought to what it is that made the difference for us as a ghostwriter's client.

I don't have a problem with the idea or the price tag. Personally, I am willing to wager that a great deal of the insight provided could be gleaned from completely free sources. Content writers' blogs, various writing forums (easily discoverable via the search engines) and other readily available resources are out there. However, it might be worth the $27 to have the most valuable information organized for you.

I also don't doubt Kelly's or Nell's ability to provide quality perspective on how to be a good content writer. My cursory research shows that both have a track record of involvement with some successful and interesting projects. They undoubtedly know their way around the net and I have every reason to believe that they could provide some quality insight from a buyer's perspective.

So, is this as sales pitch for "The Ghostwriting Success Teleseminar?" Not quite.

I'm fairly neutral about the whole thing, although it did get me thinking... Oh, and there was one thing that sort of irritated me...

They write:

I have affectionately referred to Ghostwriting as the 'Waitressing job of the Internet'. Very few of us would want to waitress for a lifelong career - and the same would probably apply to ghostwriting. Just like an aspiring actress who has to wait tables to keep food on the table while they go to auditions, many very talented up and coming internet marketers and writers turn a quick profit offering their skills on the side. I think it makes perfect sense! That being said - some people fall in love with it and end up making a career of it, as do a few very devoted and people friendly career waitresses ;)

How about a show of hands from any professional online content producer who finds that language at least a wee bit insulting? All of you? Thought so.

Portraying ghostwriting as little more than a stepping stone to something "bigger and better" reveals a lack of perspective about the nature of the industry.

I'm not going to go into all of this in detail. However, I can think of a whole heapin' helpin' of reasons the analogy falls flatter than the blue plate pancake special.

I also think that's a weird addition to a sales page. It would seem to work to dissuade people from learning more about the industry and its potential. Perhaps Kelly and Nell should have found a freelance writer who does some copywriting to handle that special order. As long as they left a 15% tip on the keyboard, that could be arranged...

The page also led me to think about the actual value of that information. I think I could write a whale of an ebook about how to carve out a healthy living as an online writer. I even considered doing so once upon a time, but my preliminary market research and the lunch-hour rush led me to file the project away in the "probably not" cabinet (which is overflowing, by the way).

Anyway, I would love to know what that kind of information would be worth to those who stumble across this blog looking for a little information about being a better content writer and to those who are already working in that capacity.

Who knows... If there appears to be a strong interest, I might be able to put together a JV with Kelly and Nell... Right after they kill the "waitressing job of the internet" thing.

In the meantime, the people at table four need more coffee...

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