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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Experimenting with word verification...Opening the comment floodgate...Increased participation or just more spam?

Ever since I decided to require word verification for comments on this blog (see: "Reluctantly creating a barrier to participation..."), I've felt that the number of legitimate comments has been decreasing. That might be a byproduct of boring blogging (I hope not), but I think some people just aren't interested in going through the hassle of trying to decipher the "captcha" codes Blogger.com provides.

So, I have removed the word verification requirement. It's open season for comments again.

I'm going to let things stay word verification-free long enough to ascertain whether the extra step has been serving as a disincentive for comments and interaction. Or until I find that the number of "I like your blog. It is cool. You can buy V1agra and C1alis HERE!" comment spam messages grows beyond my capacity to delete them in a timely fashion.

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