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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Saturday's Ramblings...Sunday seems like a good time to handle this...On the perils of creating schedules...

I very recently decided to implement a "schedule" for the Content Done Better Blog (see: 200...Thanks for Reading).

According to that schedule, which I optimistically placed on the right sidebar, Saturday is my day for any ramblings that might not be "on topic" with respect to the content writing industry. I wanted to give myself a little leeway in terms of what I discuss here and thought that if I carved out a little Saturday turf, I wouldn't feel weird about adding opinion like I did with the O'Reilly and Bukowski posts.

Anyway, that's supposed to happen on Saturdays. Today is Sunday. It was also Sunday when I got around to writing Friday's "thumbs up/down" thing.

I said I was going to run with the "schedule" for a month. So far, I am not off to a great start!