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Monday, August 14, 2006

200...Thanks for reading...Scheduling the Content Done Better Blog...

I came back from my half-week hiatus with a vengeance, finally posting a few entries I've had in temporary storage and writing another new one. If you skipped Monday, you have a lot reading to do if you want to keep up.

Moments ago I noticed that the Content Done Better Blog was home to 199 posts.

This marks #200!

In honor of the milestone, I am going to unveil the new Content Done Better Blog schedule. In order to add a little predictability to things around here and to help guide my blogging efforts in a productive manner, I will be adopting a "pattern" for the posts here. I'm breaking it down into daily topic areas...

Mondays--Advantages of using a firm like Content Done Better to handle your content and copywriting needs. Hiring a content writer.

Tuesdays & Wednesdays--News and opinion about the content industry.

Thursdays--Content Done Better weekly special.

Fridays--The CDB thumbs up and down (other posts/sites/blogs/stories you should read and maybe a few that rubbed me the wrong way).

Saturdays--Assorted ramblings. Hopefully these will be relevant, but I make no guarantees!

Sundays--Guest post. I am going to try to find someone each week who is interested in providing a "guest post" on a content industry related topic. If I can't convince someone to do this on a weekly basis, Sundays will be an off day.

Of course, I reserve the right to sneak in additional posts here and there when I feel a burning need to comment on something else.

That's the plan. I am going to work with it a month and will take it from there.

Thanks for reading somewhere between 1 and 200 posts here. I hope you stick around for the next 200.