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Monday, May 29, 2006

Your comments are appreciated...In search of interaction...

I know how many people read this blog every day and I know how many comments it receives (excluding the "I read your blog and thought your readers would be interested in buying Viagra" comment spam).

I have noticed a huge disconnect between those two numbers. Admittedly, I don't comment on every blog I read, I do tend to leave remarks with some regularity. I am interested in hearing from others who operate blogs in this field about the regularity with which they receive comments and if they have stumbled upon any way to increase interactivity levels.

This blog is a marketing/branding tool for Content Done Better. Hopefully, it is a relatively interesting source of perspective on the freelance content writing and copywriting industry, too. Even if I never received a comment on any post, I would keep plugging along with it. However, I would like to see it serve as something of a "conversation starter," too.

So, if you read and don't comment... Well, start. If you have some sage advice about increasing participation or any observations regarding why this blog may not be producing comments, let 'er rip. If you have found good ways of increasing participation at your blog, feel free to share.

Part of me wonders if the massive increase in blogs has led to a comment drought for non-A-listers. There's more to read out there and everyone is also writing their own blog... Maybe it's just the nature of the beast?

Anyway, I look forward to your comments on the subject. Let's see if there are any!