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Monday, May 29, 2006

Back on topic...Freelance content writer May challenge...Last update...

May will soon be gone. I issued myself a challenge for the 2nd half of the month: to be more productive than I had been in any previous full month. Many of you joined in, either duplicating that goal or creating one of your own.

I thought I would take a moment to provide an update... I think it's going to work out! With the clock ticking faster and faster, I am in a little bit of a race to meet my objective, but it looks very possible. I think this has worked better than a New Year's resolution for a few reasons:

First, I believe that putting a "deadline" on the plan inspired me to get things done. Often, we lay out big goals that are open-ended. Setting a precise time-frame for action seems to force one to get things done. Writers are accustomed to deadlines, so the idea of imposing one on a professional objective seems to make a lot of sense.

Second, I believe that sharing the plan helped. There is something about telling others what you will be doing that creates a sense of accountability. Although my objective was a personal one, sharing it helped inspire me to action.

Third, knowing that others were joining this little crusade did provide some impetus to get the job done--and added a fun dimension to the process. On some level doing that creates a sense of comraderie and inspires. Plus, of course, misery does love company!

In a few days, I will break down what I learned during this whole process in terms of increasing efficiency and polishing work habits. I'll be interested to hear updates from other writers, too, and to find out what kind of wisdom they can impart after involving themselves with this two week sprint.