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Thursday, May 04, 2006

C-site copyright protection...

From the "You Learn Something New Every Day" Department":

If you host your site with Godaddy, you can sign up for C-Site protection. Basically, it allows you to establish a federal copyright for the content of your page. Godaddy helps you out with a wizard that does an online application and with filing, etc. You pay the mandatory federal $30 filing fee and you give some gravy to the Godaddy crew for making it a bit easier on you.

I found out about this at Andre Chaperon's blog, which also displays the two nifty seals Godaddy will give you to adorn your copyrighted pages.

Now, officially one does instantly create a copyright just by creating their content. However, if you ever decided to get litigous with a content thief, having a federal copyright on file can be helpful.

From what I have seen, those who feel a need to have their copyright on file could probably do the requisite paperwork themselves with very little hassle. However, time is money and it might be worth paying Godaddy to streamline things.

If you feel a burning need to have some of your Godaddy-hosted goodies on file in Washington, D.C., it may be worth some investigation.