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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A return to controversy...

Well, I tried to lay off the controversial stuff for a post, but then...

I noticed a visitor to this blog from a site I didn't recognize. Curious, I took a look and found that it originated from the NASW freelance mailing list.

A couple of highlights:

"The four-buck a story problem. These offers are all over. I wrote a piece against it (www.cheaprelief.blogspot.com) and one of the so-called writers attacked me. You can find his ravings and others' comments at http://content-writer.blogspot.com."

And, in response:

"But after reading all the commentary by others on the blog, I realize he's not. He's spewing out garbage aimed at bringing in hits by usingkeywords, and and thus generate ad revenue. Like finding 40 differentsentences to use the vocabulary word "irrelevant" in. String them alltogether and you've got a 400 word "article" to post on a website."

Wow! I am a "so-called" writer who engages in "ravings." I spew garbage, too.

Of course, those who bid less than some like for content are also "cheeseball bottom feeders" according to some.

If any of you reading this either happen to be webmasters with content needs or writers who don't mind making a living using (at least in part) the lower paying markets, I suggest you take a good look at what some more traditional freelance writers think about your industry.

Interestingly, I have found a way of having other writers do my advertising. I suppose that is one upside of this little fight.

By the way, I don't spew garbage. I don't think I really rave. I just write. Sometimes for more upscale markets sometimes for lower-paying markets. That's all. That makes me nothing more than a mere "so-called" writer in the eyes of some. I will leave it up to you to assess the validity of that perspective.