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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I just have to add this...

I was checking the blog that originally featured the "cheeseball bottom feeder" story, which belongs to a fine writer named Star Lawrence. This whole controversy led me to look at a few of Ms. Lawrence's writings and I really think she's talented--even though I also think she is just about as wrong as wrong can be about this issue.

In any case, I found this comment provided in response to her article:

"mlivingston said...
I guess we're not writers anymore. We're "content providers," with all the skills and dignity of sweatshop workers. These publishers don't deserve your writing or your would-be readers' time."

Every time I think I see something that really encapsulates the holier-than-thou attitude of some in the writing community someone comes by and trumps it.

Sorry, folks. Being a writer is great. Being a great writer is even better. Writers can change the world, enlighten millions and add depth and dimension to our lives in ways that are almost impossible to really explain. Writing is a noble profession and an important one, too.

There's also nobility in the sweatshops. There's also dignity in feeding your family. There's pride in accomplishments of all sorts and there is not one damn thing wrong with being a "content provider."

On top of that, comparing the level of respect and payment I receive (attacks like some of those we have seen recently included) to the life of a sweatshop worker is beyond foolish.