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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Music...More on help wanted...


I found Finetune.com via WidgetsLab.com. You can now find it here, on the right sidebar.

It's a fun little widget. You choose a playlist of up to 45 songs from a pretty impressive collection and can then put it on your blog, Myspace page, or whatever so that others may have a listen, too.

So, if you aren't jamming to something else, click play on my Finetune box and get an idea of my potentially questionable musical tastes. Feel free to leave nasty comments about including Diana Krall, The Clash, Dean Martin and Ennio Morricone instrumental pieces on the same list, if you feel the need. However, I never claimed to be qualified as a programming director for a radio station.

Help no longer wanted...

I recent posted about developing an ongoing working relationship with another writer. The response has been awesome and I'd like to thank all of you who dropped me a line. You should all receive a response today or tomorrow.

Right now, it looks like I have someone pinned down, so I'm no longer soliciting "I'm interested" emails.

Thanks again.


At some point, this blog will return to its usual pattern of providing information and perspective about writing for the web. Probably tomorrow.