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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A luxurious frustration...See you Saturday...

Over the past week, I have had about eight kerbillion post topics rattle around in my noggin. I wish I would've written them all down for later instead of letting them evaporate.

Usually, I would just login, type away, and share my meandering thoughts with those (un)lucky enough to stumble upon this little virtual soap box, but I've been too busy to maintain my usual blog-related schedule.

I can't imagine how many great posts are piling up in my feed reader. I'm jonesing to leave comments in response to some undoubtedly spectacular year-end wrap ups and 2007 preview posts.

I'm resisting the urge and am throwing myself into my work for a little bit. Having a heavier workload is a luxurious frustration.

All freelancers want to stay busy and profitable, fearing the droughts and dancing for a rain of jobs. When the deluge hits, however, we often find ourselves secretly craving afternoons when aimlessly ambling around the net passes for work.

Sometimes, the only thing more unnerving and scary than having an empty cupboard is knowing that you have to make your way through a very big work buffet. I'm gorging myself right now and wish I could justify a hunger strike.

This blog is part vent, part marketing tool, part conversation starter and part lots of other things. It's turning into a nice little client magnet and I love having the opportunity to share my two cents with others. Even if it shoves bedtime back into the wee-est hours, I can't afford to let it rot.

Then again, those magnetically drawn clients have projects and deadlines. They take priority.

Thus, the compromise. Occasional posts. Every few days instead of two daily, perhaps. Duty calls and client needs trump my secret desire for dead time.

See you Saturday.

In the meantime, whether you're high and dry when it comes to work or if your experiencing the luxurious frustrations of a filled plate, keep these recent words from Deb Ng in mind:

"I've said it before, a bad day writing is a hundred times better than a good day at the office."