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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm starring in a "Marathon Man" revival...

Ever hear of painless dentistry? Well, it may be a reality but the pain that leads one to the dentist or oral surgeon and the pain that returns after those visits are done can be debilitating. For that matter, I'm not really sold on the notion that the procedures and investigations themselves are painless, either.

The bad news is that I am reprising Dustin Hoffman's role in "Marathon Man." I have an excruciating tooth ache that's slowing blog entries, the Content Done Better Report and my work. I'm doing my best to work through it, but the windows of opportunity that open between Lortab sleepiness and intense mouth pain can be small.

The good news is that before I'm done I will make a bunch of new friends--the hygienist, the dentist, the oral surgeon and his staff, the periodontist and her staff, various receptionists, pharmacists and probably a few people who work for Delta Dental (our insurer). I'm sure that all of this prodding, pulling, tapping, scraping, cleaning, capping, etc. will also help to spur our local economy.

Feel free to share any great toothache tales or to offer some sort of encouragement (even if it is a lie) that going through all of this is a superior option to crushing all of my existing teeth into powder and spending the rest of my life enjoying various broths through a Silly Straw.