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Sunday, December 03, 2006

EzineArticles.com landing page guidelines update...

A few posts back, I mentioned that Chris Knight and the folks at EzineArticles.com, one of the premiere article directory/repository sites, were considering a policy adjustment with respect to the landing pages to which authors were linking their submitted articles.

Knight had outline seven factors that could play a role in the process.

I observed that if EzineArticles decided to get tough with outbound links from article bios that some people would undoubtedly need to take a close look at their landing pages in order to get full effect from their submissions.

As it turns out, EzineArticles is tabling any huge changes for now. After a fast and often angry reaction to the idea, Knight followed up on his original post reiterating that the factors listed as being under consideration were just that--under consideration. He then offered a post specifically directed toward my earlier comment about those who might use EzineArticles as a way of creating traffic flow to their squeeze pages.

The only adjustment is that they'll be rejecting material containing dead links. That, of course, hardly seems unreasonable. To be honest, I don't think the other factors Knight floated out there were unreasonable either. They may have required some changes on the part of those who do a lot of article marketing, but that's not the end of the world. As I mentioned, the end-user focus from those at EzineArticles and other sites is great and "should encourage webmasters and marketers of all sorts to concentrate on both good design and, of course, good content."

In any case, your articles are safe at EzineArticles so long as they meet all of the previously-existing benchmarks and avoid dead links.