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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Six figure me? One year challenge...Risking public humiliation...

Within a year from today, Content Done Better will net $100,000 before taxes. That's my goal.

In order to put my feet toward the fire, I have decided to share that goal publicly.

Why would I (a) disclose earnings information and (b) set myself up for public humiliation if I fall well short of the goal?

First, I believe that making the goal public encourages accountability on my part. When one shares a goal with others he or she naturally feels an additional incentive for completion.

Second, although I originally started this blog primarily as a means of branding and marketing my services, it has a steady core readership of writers. I think it would be nice to show new writers that you can make a living this way. I have to admit that I will get a kick out of proving a few naysayers wrong, too, but that really isn't my primary objective.

I am starting today and the countdown to $100K will end in one year.

I have added two components to the blog to help track the project. On the bottom of the right sidebar, you will see a familiar money thermometer that will track earnings. I'll try to update that at least once a week. Below it is an automatically-updating reminder of how many days I have left.

A note about the accounting: Every time I put money into my bank account, the number goes up. Every time I spend out of the bank account, it will go down. I often use PayPal to "park" money temporarily, in order to pay partner writers, renew/purchase domains, etc. That money won't count until it goes into the bank. My goal is to post $100K in net earnings before taxes.

Today started with a $350 payment. I am over 1/300th of the way there already.

Edit 10/3: If you are interested in reading more about the challenge, including a mini-faq, please feel free to read this post.