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Sunday, August 20, 2006

No Sunday guest...Self-serving link instead...Recruiting Sunday Contributors

Every Sunday, when possible, I will have a guest blogger take the helm of the Content Done Better Blog.

I made that decision fairly recently, and didn't give myself enough time to line some up for this Sunday (thanks to those of you who are already slated for future weeks, though!).

In the future, if I can't find a Sunday contributor, I will just let the blog rest for a day. However, I was a few posts behind this morning, so I figured I might as well add something else--especially since I have a wonderful self-serving option at my disposal.

The Content Done Better Blog and the main Content Done Better website are featured this week at WritingSpark.com. Alicia, whose hands operate the WritingSpark keyboard, makes a point of featuring a writing-related site every week and I am honored to be this week's subject.

So, please take a long look at WritingSpark.com.

You can read the piece on Content Done Better here.

Oh, and if you'd like to be a Sunday contributor to this blog, drop me a line. If you have something to say about the internet content industry, freelance writing, or a related topic, I'd be happy to have you. You write a post, a one-two sentence bio for yourself, and your own URL, send it to me by Saturday afternoon, and I publish it with your bio and link intact. I also add your site to the Content Done Better blogroll. If you ask nice, I might even pay you something! You can contact me re: contributing using the contact form on the right sidebar of this page, the contact form at Content Done Better, or via email at cdbrack@gmail.com.