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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CDB THURSDAY SPECIAL...How 'bout some good ol' fashioned articles? Two bundles available at a great price...

It's about 11:30 p.m. here, but it's already Thursday on the east coast. That's close enough for me. Here's this week's Content Done Better Thursday Special:

I've been offering limited weekly special offers for awhile now. So far, they've involved press releases, full site content packages, autoresponder series and custom blogging. I thought I would "get back to basics" for this one. What's more basic than hiring a content writer to produce articles?

Articles are backbone of content writing and I am offering two low-priced bundles to the first two people who respond. Only one of each option is available.

BUNDLE ONE: Regular Size, $200--SOLD

You get 10 article (500 words each) on the topic of your choice. If you have keyword denisty requirements, that's AOK. I'd prefer it if the ten articles centered on the same general topic, but if you have to be insanely diverse, I suppose I can live with that. Delivery on/before September 1. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

BUNDLE TWO: Jumbo Size, $400

Same deal as above except you get 20 articles. Delivery on/before September 3.

Here's your chance to get well-written, 100% original content for the absolutely fantastic price of only two cents per word (payment via PayPal only for the specials). Get in while you still can!

You can reserve your bundle by emailing me at cdbrack@gmail.com, by using the contact form on the right sidebar of this blog, or by using the contact form at the Content Done Better.

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