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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New web site...Link exchange underway...

After a great deal of procrastination, I finally decided to revamp the Content Done Better website. I decided to make it a "do it yourself" (or in this case, "myself") project and the results sort of bear that out.

There are plenty of typos to fix and tweaks to be made. I used a CSS-based template, which made the whole thing fairly easy to assemble, although I did run into a nasty case of float drop (which begs the question of why IE continues to exist when Firefox is there for the free taking). After finding a handy non-hack fix for the float drop, all went smoothly.

I will be adding to and fixing the site over the next few days. It's a nice break from writing.

My old site was bright orange. This time, I went with a much more muted color scheme. To be honest, it's a little dull. For some reason, though, it's the kind of dull I like. I guess I will continue to use this blog as an outlet for more colorful graphical elements.

I've also decided to embark on a link-building campaign now that I have re-launched.

If you have a writing or writing-related site (or just a great site that deserves mention) and are willing to supply a link from your place to mine, just let me know and we can make something happen. You can email at cdbrack@gmail.com or use the form to the right. Alternatively, I have a contact form on the main page of the website.