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Monday, May 01, 2006

Audio content...

I prefer music, but a lot of people listen to ebooks on their PCs or iPods. Content Done Better produces several ebooks every month, and recently clients have been asking for audio renditions of the ebooks.

I have now assembled three talented voices to handle ebook recordings (four, if you count me). Talent is really the key to successful long audio.

Anyone with the right attitude and adequate diction can manage a thirty-second ad, but it does take skills to make a three hour ebook reading interesting.

My background includes a communications degree, graduate study in rhetorical criticism, and a strong background in public speaking (including an intercollegiate national title and three years as a college debate coach with nationally competitive programs). That history enabled me to round up some Grade-A voice talent, both male and female.

Right now, I am only dealing with the voice aspect--straight recording of the text. All of the production details are left to the customer. Of course, dealing with audio is becoming a little easier, thanks to some of the great software out there. I am experimenting with some of it and am considering offering a more full-featured audio option for those interested.

In the meantime, if you feel like transforming your written informational product into a multi-media package, feel free to let me know. I am beginning to believe the research that indicates substantial sales bumps as a result of adding audio segments to a website, and believe that almost anyone can successfully integrate streaming audio into their presentation.