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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thinking about press releases...

I occasionally write press releases for clients. Many freelance content writers do.

That hasn't always been the case. Recently, however, people have started to recognize that the marketing power of good press releases makes the writing just as effective for an online enterprise as it has been for the brick and mortar operations who have long relied upon them.

Lately, I have noticed a few people having problems with the press releases process. Most notably, some are having their releases rejected by various online release distribution services.

Obviously, a press release isn't worth much if it never makes it to the press.

My success rate in having press releases make it past those gatekeepers and into to the hands of media outlets has been good. Although most buyers would love to take their best ad copy and submit it as a press release, that strategy is never going to work. Yes, everyone knows that press releases are created as part of a marketing strategy. Nonetheless, one must maintain some level of newsworthiness and make a conscious effort to use language that does not create the impression of outright advertising.

Creating an effective press release is a balancing act. One wants to include all the best information in terms of marketing function but that must be carefully balanced with an ability to work within established conventions for that kind of piece.

After noticing so many people struggling to give their businesses a jolt with press releases, I am considering either (a) increasing my marketing efforts to secure more work in the field or (b) authoring a solid instructional manual on press release authorship.

Have any of you experienced problems with press release authorship or acceptance? If so, I would love your input, too.