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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Job Leads / Writers' Forum at Writer Wrangler

Happy Tuesday.

Just thought I would issue a reminder to those who happen to read this blog to check out Writer Wrangler.

For those who missed my earlier post on the site, Writer Wrangler serves two functions. First, the administrator hires out a lot of content. Thus, it is a nice way to secure work for freelance content writers. Second, the site is developing a forum for content writers allowing opportunities to discuss the business with others, find support and last-minute help with projects, and even to share insight re: those nefarious buyers who later refuse to pay. I think it has all the ingredients to become a great resource for any content writer.

I don't have any personal affiliation with the site, but I have worked for the administrator on numerous occasions and am convinced she is wholly committed to creating a great resource. Check out the site, and check out the forum, too.