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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wrangling writers...

I thought I would pass along a site that could be of great interest to some content writers. It's a new project called Writer Wrangler. The administrator of the site is looking to find a slew of content writers to work on an ongoing variety of projects. In addition to using the site as a means of finding writing talent, Writer Wrangler is also going to be offering a forum for participants and is working to create a real community among those who are involved.

It should be a great place to generate extra work for content writers and its overall approach (allowing writers to find others to lend a hand in case of emergency, answering project questions and providing insight, etc.) is great.

I have worked with the individual behind Writer Wrangler on countless projects and can tell you unequivocably, that this site will be operated in a honest and utterly compassionate manner.

The site is still somewhat in development, but it should really start to grow in a hurry. I invite you to take a look at Writer Wrangler.