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Monday, October 16, 2006

Write your way to $200 in a few hours...Easy stuff...

While in the thick of a project, I had an idea for something else. Usually, I would scribble the thought down somewhere to review later, but something about this particular notion led me to pull out a piece of scratch paper immediately, in order to perform a few calculations.

After some additional consideration, I decided this little scheme might just work...

So, I am going to give it a shot.

If I am correct, a decent writer should be able to quickly and easily earn about $200 without doing a great deal of research, thinking or heavy lifting. It's a neat little cash infusion idea that should work quite effectively.

I am not going to tell you exactly what the idea is yet. I want to test it first. All it requires is (a) a half-decent memory, (b) a copy of your local phone book and (c) approximately three hours worth of writing. Oh, and (c) is the easiest kind of writing, by the way.

I will test the plan within the next few days and then, after surmising the results, will offer it to anyone interested in trying it.

However, I'm not going to give this idea away to everyone. No, I am not going to "sell" it, either.

Instead, I am going to offer a step-by-step rundown of this fun little moneymaker for anyone who makes a donation of $5 or more to a great charitable cause. I won't be picking the charity or anything, I will just be encouraging those who might have an interest in this idea to pony up for a charity in which they believe in exchange for the information.

If this all works as planned, I will spend about three hours on this project, testing it. I will then have to wait about a week to assess the results. If everything works out, I will then write a handy guide to implementing the strategy (which will include documentation of the results) and will send it to anyone who makes a charitable contribution. I won't insist on documentation--I'd like to think the risk of bad karma stemming from lying about being charitable will keep people from fibbing about their efforts.

Stay tuned for updates.

I need a catchy name for this excercise. If you have any ideas, let me know.