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Thursday, October 05, 2006

$125K news and notes...

Back in August, I posted my plan to make at least $100K as a freelance content writer and copywriter within the year. Over the past few weeks, interest in that statement has grown. A number of great blogs have mentioned my $125K challenge (the number was upped to make my tracking easier), and I have noticed a massive influx of traffic to posts related to the goal.

I think I have accomplished one of my goals in posting that personal objective. I wanted to create some accountability to spur me. Now that nearly 400 unique visitors have landed on $125K challenge posts over the last two and a half days, I definitely have some additional motivation to make things happen.

Thanks to all who have offered support.

A few quick notes.

  • The piggy bank tracker has been updated.
  • I still appear to be off-pace, but once my A/R clears out, I should be close to the mark.
  • Thanks to the commenter who noticed that I had the target date set for the year 2006 instead of 2007. That's been fixed.
  • I moved the tracker up on the right sidebar and created a section above it providing links to the $125K challenge posts, for those interested.

I certainly wasn't expecting this kind of attention when I mentioned my goal, but it sure has been nice. I've been overwhelmed by the positive reaction in comments, other blogs, and in emails sent to me individually.

I've been especially surprised by those who have found this process inspiring. I wanted to make a statement because I wanted to put myself on record and to create accountability. Now, I feel like I have a great opportunity to send a message to others in the online writing industry that one can make a reasonable living as a writer dedicated primarily to online concerns. Having others say that they are motivated by all of this is gratifying and humbling, too.

So, now I better get to work. Content Done Better has $125K to make!