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Monday, August 21, 2006

Why content writing is a bottom line all-star...Working both parts of the equation...

Online business operates from a series of relatively basic premises. For instance:

Traffic x Conversion Rate = Income

If you boost your traffic, you make money.
If you increase your conversions, you make money.

So, it's easy to see why webmasters look for new ways to increase traffic. It's also easy to see why everyone would love a higher rate of conversion from visitors to buyers.

The nice thing about investing in content is, that unlike many ways of improving the bottom line, it works on both of the two key variable.

Content is a traffic booster. The search engines love it and reward you for it with better SERPs, which increase traffic. You can use it for article marketing in order to create backlinks, which in turn, boost SERPs. Superior content inspires viewers to link to you. Those organic links provide direct traffic flow and, again, boost SERPs. A healthy body of content helps to create a long tail, which can help you find some great traffic totals in the "shallow end" of the keyword pool.

Content brings people.

Content is also a conversion booster. Obviously, great sales copy matters. However, good content in non-sales site elements inspires greater confidence and credibility, further upping sales figures. Carefully designed content can support a site's overall earning model directly or subtley, depending upon one's needs.

Content sells people.

Very few things can improve the bottom line in so many different ways. The power and versatility of good content is just about impossible to beat. Although commissioning a content job may involve some upfront expense, the rewards it produces exceed those of any other online "trick" designed to increase wealth.

At the end of the day, your numbers are going to be a reflection of how many people you pitched and how effectively you did it. Content providers like Content Done Better can help you with both.

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