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Monday, August 14, 2006

Where to use the good stuff...Isolating quality content locations...

Adding new content to your site is important in terms of improving SERPs at Google and the other major search engines. As I've mentioned a kerbillion different times, it works on multiple levels.

First, the engines love it on its own merit. Their robots chew it up, find it easily digestible and reward you for the feeding.

Second, your visitors love it and that compels them to link back to it. That backlink creation process is muy importante with regard to the search engine algorithms.

Third, visitors tend to return to content-rich sites repeatedly. Thus, you get more play from each individual and a better opportunity to display your wares.

Fourth, the long tail phenomena helps content-rich sites gather stray traffic even where they might not have expected it.

Etc., etc., etc.

Okay, so you need a lot of content. Content Done Better will be happy to write that content for you. You might be saying, "this is not breaking news, Carson." True. Either is the core topic of this post, but it is important and it is often overlooked.

When someone finds your site via Google, where do they go when they click that friendly link? Hint: It isn't necessarily your main page.

SERPs consist of URLs to individual pages, not to sites en toto.

Now, a second question: When people do find you via Google, where do you want them to go? If you are like most webmasters, you would probably love to get them on your landing page--the place where you actually make your big pitch for whatever product or service you are offering. Your landing page might be the "home" page of multi-page site. It might be a long form sales letter that (theoretically) produces an irresistible urge to make a purchase. No matter how you structure your online business, though, you can probably think of one particular page where you would prefer your visitors land.

Which brings us to the point. You need to make sure your preferred landing page features the best possible content. You might be able to rationalize utilizing mediocre material elsewhere, but that desired landing page needs to sizzle from the heat of high quality content.

That quality exists on two distinct levels.

First, it needs to contain the right keywords. Yes, as much as we all like to talk about putting the user first and letting the search engine deal with it, you do need to keep Mr. Google in mind with respect to your top landing page's content. You want good SERPs for the right keywords.

Second, it needs to be well-written. You want readers to love it, bookmark it, share it, link to it and, last but not least, to be completely persuaded by it. After all, it is your preferred landing page for a reason: making sales.

Take a few minutes to think about your site. Where do you want those visitors to go? Now, look at that particular page. Does it scream PERFECT CONTENT? If not, you need to make improvements.

You might not have to be quite as picky with your 2,478th article page. Of course, quality is still a good idea even in the deepest recesses of your site (especially when you can get good work at a reasonable price). However, it is an absolute imperative that your preferred landing page is optimized in terms of its attractiveness to the search engines and human readers.

Is this just a plug for you to contact me to get some great new material for your most important content areas? To some extent, it is. No matter how you get the job done, however, you will need to do it right. That may involve some serious work on your own, it may lead to contacting another freelance content provider and copywriter, or it might mean getting in touch with Content Done Better.

Remember where you need to put the good stuff, regardless of how you plan on getting it!

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