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Friday, August 25, 2006

Thumbs Down...Friday morning irony...At least I get a backlink...

Last month, I wrote a post in response to having another content writer stop by the Content Done Better Blog in order to leave a little comment spam (see: "Content supplier resorts to lousy marketing ploy...").

I argued that comment spamming was lazy and unprofessional. I maintained that littering my blog with comment spam advertising the competition also cut against developing a supportive and collegial environment between web content writers.

My comments were primarily directed toward comment spam. It didn't directly address other considerations. For instance, it didn't mention splogs, another form of spamming within the blogosphere. Obviously, scraping others' content and using it to generate a moneymaking blog is just as bad, if not worse, than C-spamming.

Anyway... Although the post was really about comment spamming, the title was a little more general:

"Content supplier resorts to lousy marketing ploy...Blog spam escapes word verification.

Today, I saw this headline at a splog:

"Content supplier resorts to lousy marketing ploy...Blog spam...By Excercise Center"

Yep. They scraped and used an anti-blog spam article in a splog. And, they ended up being accidentally honest about it with that headline.

Now that is ugly irony.

You can view the offending site here. The picture for this post is a screenshot of their handywork.

On the bright side, I did get a backlink out of the deal.

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