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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Content Done Better originality guarantee gets nod...

Regular Content Done Better Blog readers are probably familiar with Plagiarism Today (or at least with my appreciation for the site). It has a spot in my blogroll and has been the source of some interesting material and insight regarding content misappropriation issues.

Though I have never met Johnathan Bailey, the guy behind Plagiarism Today, we have corresponded occasionally and have commented on one another's sites. I hope that interaction doesn't make anyone think that his positive commentary on the Content Done Better originality guarantee is somehow biased or was issued "upon request."

At the risk of blowing my own horn a little too loudly, I invite my readers to check out The Promise of Originality at JB's site. He seems to agree with me that originality guarantees on the part of writers, combined with more concern on the part of webmasters, is one tool for fighting plagiarism that can make a difference.

An excerpt from Plagiarism Today:

"According to Brackney, more content writers need to offer a similar guarantee and content purchasers, when looking to acquire new works, need to demand one. It may not completely stop plagiarism in the content writing industry, but it will at least provide safeguards and protections."