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Thursday, June 29, 2006

THURSDAY SPECIAL: Dirt Cheap Full Site Content Packages (2)--- OFFER CLOSED

This special offer is now closed. Thanks!

I didn't run a special last Thursday because I was away on vacation. However, I am back and so is my once-a-week deal.

I am offering two, and only two, full site content packages for the first two takers.

The buyer gets everything he or she needs to get that lingering idea for a new website up and running in a hurry. Here's what it includes:

10 articles (500 approx. words each) on the topic of the buyer's choice. These can be used to fill out the site or for article marketing/backlink generation purposes. They will be informative articles written to comport with the site and to support it.

1 press release. This can be used to help jump-start the site by increasing awareness of the site. Direct traffic and backlink benefits may also accrue. A great PR move (see this post for a more detailed discussion of what a good press release can do).

5 pages of page content. This could include your "about me" page, the home page, and/or any other specific pages the buyer needs. Average length of about 300-500 words per page.

1,000 words of additional content. The buyer can use this for anything else the site might need. Extra pages, extra articles, sidebars or shorts, etc.


All work backed by the usual Content Done Better guarantees. 50% deposit, balance due upon satisfactory completion of project. Payment via PayPal preferred. Both orders will be completed and delivered on/before July 10.

Ready, set...

Buyers can contact me via email (cdbrack@gmail.com) or via the contact form on this page. Alternatively, you can use the contact form at Content Done Better.