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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The problem with vacations... 95K...

I'm leaving town on Sunday and will be gone until the 26th. Vacation time. Philadelphia, Atlantic City and New York. I'm looking forward to it.

There is a problem with vacations. When you are goofing around on the boardwalk, watching the Phillies host the Yankees or visiting Ellis Island, you are not working. That's not bad in and of itself, but a full week without work can be a little unnerving for a freelance content writer for two reasons. First, when you are playing you are not earning. Even more significantly, you put yourself in the position of either working at 1.5 X your normal speed for a week before you go and the following week or of working 2 X as quickly before or immediately after.

I will continue to book new jobs and will handle essential correspondence during the trip. I have decided I can spend a few minutes handling email every day without disrupting the flow of our fun. However, I won't be earning and I won't be putting a dent into my workload.

I hate the idea of coming back from the trip with a big pile of work. Thus, I am going to get everything I have currently booked (with the exception of July ebooks) done before I leave town.

By my estimation, that's about 75,000 words worth of content. Just to be safe, I am going to create a buffer and say its 95,000 words. I was thinking about rounding up to an even 100K, but that extra digit looks too formidable.

It's Tuesday. I also have Wednesday through Friday and part of Saturday. I will be tracking my progress here using this handy graphic:

So, everyone can follow along as I attempt to reach the 95,000 word mark in less than a week.