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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Must-see blog...Check it out...

Sherri is an elementary special education teacher and a wonderful mother. She's also my wife, and to make matters even better, she is a talented writer!

So, what does one do when his spouse is at home for summer and he has lined up a few great ebook projects that match said spouse's talents and interests? He convinces her to join the "family business."

Actually, Sherri has done Content Done Better work before, primarily writing articles. This summer, however, she will be personally tending to several ebook titles. She started work on one a few weeks back and has decided to bite off a few additional ebooks after the first one is done. She's also been persuaded to start her own blog.

I'd like to invite any of the Content Done Better Blog readers to stop by Ebook Writer and wish Sherri a warm welcome to the blogosphere! You can also wish her (and/or me) a happy anniversary--tomorrow marks year number three!

Although I certainly have good reasons to be biased, I think Ebook Writer is a must-see blog!