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Monday, June 19, 2006

Guest Blogger Eliza Ferree: Content Writing Questions

Happy Tuesday everyone! Aren't Tuesdays, better than Mondays? :) Yesterday was very slow in this household, so much that I was able to lay on a towel outside by the pool watching my little girl swim back and forth. She's currently learning to blow bubbles. It's amazing to watch someone learning how to do something, we all know that they can do it but it's simply they need to learn how to do it. They have to take a shot.

Content writing is like that for me. There are three questions I'm asked by people when they hear what I do. What is content writing? How did you get started? How much is the pay?

I try to explain but the truth is for someone that has absolutely no clue it is hard. I have discovered telling them the spam they get in their mail could've been something I wrote. Or I tell them that I write very short articles, of course this one tends to bring on more questions. Finally, I explain the whole SEO bit which is... no it should be simple. You choose a word and focus on that word, tossing it out a few times in the article. Of course, it must make sense.

How did I get started? For me, I kind of found it through a friend. I've only been writing content articles for about a year now. My hubby had just went overseas and I was constantly up all hours of the day and night. I'd try doing some writing on a novel but wasn't getting far. I was too involved with checking all the news sites online to see if anything new had happened in Iraq. That's when a friend sent me an email. Read this article and put it in your own words. Write it to reach 500 words. I thought, yeah right I can't even get past this part in my novel. But I tried, it was fun. She loved it and asked me if I wanted a job. She pushed me right in the water, I'd barely gotten my feet wet when she started throwing me into the deeper end with bigger sharks. Today, I still wonder sometimes if I'm writing everything correctly or if it's just a dream.

As for the pay question, that's a little harder to explain. I just simply state, yes I do get paid for what I do. Sometimes the pay is good and sometimes it isn't. But I always have money in my account.

So, how did you get started? What questions are you asked?

Special guest blogger Eliza Ferree is a freelance writer and blogger. You can visit her at http://entertainusnews.blogspot.com/