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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2nd half of May...a brief comment or two...

I don't plan on making the next two weeks of this blog into a journal of the challenge issued re: the back half of this month. I do feel like adding a few things today, though, as a few others have tossed their hats into the ring with me.

First, thanks for those who decided to play along. For whatever reason (maybe misery Does love company?), having other players seems to make the process more interesting and enjoyable.

Second, I noticed a few people at forums, etc., saying they like the idea but have matters to tend to in their own lives that make participation impossible...

I think that anyone who wants to test themselves and have a helluva month can partake, even if their personal schedules, etc. are limited. My personal goal is to do a month's worth of work in two weeks. I don't think that has to be a universal objective.

The underlying principle is what matters. It's about improvement and shaking off complacency. It's about pulling one's wheels out of a less than efficient rut.

I happened to decide to measure than in terms of income, improved quality and production. I think others can measure it in different ways. The main idea is to make a serious effort at improving one's craft and business with a concentrated intentional effort.

That's possible whether you are toiling away at the keyboard full-time or are trying to squeeze writing projects into an already-tight schedule.

Well, part of my deal was one blog post per day. This concludes that portion of today's program.