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Friday, May 05, 2006

100th post at Content Done Better Blog...Claim your prize...Project updates...

This marks the 100th post here at the Content Done Better Blog. Feel free to send cards, email congratulatory sentiments, or leave your heartfelt comment about this very memorable milestone!

To mark the occasion, I am GIVING AWAY (see how I capitalized that, to scream over the applause?) a copy of my guide to writing press releases. It's currently selling for $14.95, but it's completely FREE for Content Done Better Blog readers today only. You can download it here. You may now celebrate.

Okay, now that I have cleaned up the empty plastic champagne glasses and discarded party hats from the 100th post party, here are a few project updates for those who are even vaguely curious about what is happening at Content Done Better.

(1) The Google Duplicate Content filter project is underway. I am in the research phase and will begin writing a report about the filter, its nature and its consequences in the next few weeks. I have decided that I will make it available free to all CDB Blog readers, so be sure to check back if you are interested.

(2) The Freelance Content Writers "Cooperative" is still on the horizon. I just heard back from the first designer on my list and the price quote I received was stomach-churning. There is going to be some adjustment necessary in terms of features and design to make it feasible, but I do believe it can work. Additionally, I am wondering if the plan may be successfully dovetailed with a growing movement to create a web content writers' "trade association." Diane Penna, who has been walking point on this project with me, has already secured a viable domain name and will probably have some excellent input/instruction as we progress with this.

(3) Content Done Better is officially in the audio business. Yesterday, I added a brief audio-related page to the CDB website in recognition of the fact I am booking more audio jobs and more text jobs with an audio component. Speaking of audio, the CDB podcast "Three Minutes on Content" should be hitting the virtual airways next week. You can hear a sample here.

(4) Writer Wrangler is proving to be a great way to post freelance content jobs and to find some excellent partner writers to help with Content Done Better projects. I have listed five jobs there so far, and all have been completed on-time and to my satisfaction. I think the forum has real potential as a writing community and the overall mood and structure of WrWr seems pretty friendly. If you write and aren't a member, take a look and visit the forum.

(5) I have three potentially massive undertakings that are just on the verge of going public. One involves the audio component of Content Done Better and the other two are good old-fashioned writing efforts. Stay tuned...

Oh, and I have been told that I don't use this blog as a marketing tool as strongly as I should. Apparently, a few people think I should keep reminding readers that if they need a freelance content writer for any project, they should contact me via email at cdbrack@gmail.com, use the form on the right of this page, or stop by the Content Done Better website.

You need content. I write content.

How's that for heavy-handed marketing?

Thanks again for reading often enough to convince me to write 100 posts. I am sure the next 100 will come just as easily.