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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Answering reservations about outsourcing content...Originality

I recently found an eye-opening online discussion. Several online entrepreneurs were discussing the desirability of hiring a writer to create content for them. Many involved touted the value of outsourcing and heartily recommended hiring a freelance content writer. Others had reservations about hiring a writer. I took a few moments to collect some of those concerns and plan on addressing them here. The first one on my list, which is a worry many prospective content buyers have, is the issue of originality.

Here is what one of the discussion participants had to say:

"If someone else is writing for you how do you know they haven't just taken a previously written article and rehashed it for you? How do you check out the honesty, integrity or creativity of a ghostwriter?"

Those are good questions. Purchasing copied work from a content writer not only exposes a buyer to criticism, DMCA complaints and litigation--it also risks triggering duplicate content penalties in terms of SERPs. Google has indicated that their algorithm will be cracking down on sites lacking original content.

I think the best way to hire a content writer with whom you can feel safe is to run down a quick checklist and to then perform a bit of double-checking for the sake of insurance.

The checklist:

  1. Does the writer guarantee unique and original content written exclusively to handle your order? If so, what is the guarantee policy? I personally offer a 300% money back guarantee that all purchased content is wholly original. Any freelance content writer should be more than willing to stand behind his or her work.
  2. Will the writer provide references you can check? It can be reassuring to hear from others who have had successful transactions with the writer and who can personally vouch for the fact they received original work.
  3. Does the writer focus on content production? Many people will try to be writers in an effort to scare up some quick cash. Those who make their living supplying content are far more likely to maintain higher standards than those who are just hobbyists or one-timers.
One should also check the materials provided by the writer against Copyscape and should "Google" randomly selected portions of the content to make sure it hasn't appeared on the web. This double-checking is not foolproof, but it can increase peace of mind and will usually reveal those who are acting inappropriately.

Originality is important and buyers should find writers who are dedicated to providing completely unique materials. With a little know-how, buyers can usually avoid plagiarism problems.