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Monday, January 30, 2006

Why should they pay more? What do you do that is so special...

Quite often you'll hear that the content writing market is overstocked with hacks willing to churn out Adsense-friendly gibberish on the cheap. Some will claim that an army of deficient writers who are willing to work for next to nothing, make it impossible to land a content job at a decent rate.

I hear this gripe often. "I bid X for a job, but then some no-talent offered to do it for Y. That's right, for Y! Can you believe that? I lost the assignment as a result. It's just ridiculous."

Personally, I believe it is possible to explain to a client why the cost difference between X and Y is not something upon which to make a decision, so long as the differential between the two numbers doesn't amount to a fortune.

I look at it like this. If I am willing to work for X, but someone else is willing to work for Y, why should the customer hire me? What do I provide that makes up the difference? Is there something I offer at X that makes me a great value.

Usually, I can at least make an argument to that effect.

I think we often get wrapped up in price tags--both as buyers and as writers. Really, price is only one component of the whole.

This is my challenge to any writers who are reading this entry: Spend a few minutes thinking about why you are a better bargain than others, even if you are bidding X instead of Y. Come up with a few things that set you apart.

This is my challenge to buyers who are reading this entry: I recognize that writers' price tags are going to play a large role in your decisionmaking. With that out of the way, take a few minutes considering what writers could do for you to make it worth spending a little more.

Anyone who'd like to comment on their considerations is welcome to do so.

I will list a few of my reasons tomorrow.