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Monday, January 23, 2006

Indian content writers revisited...

I know a few people were surprised by my defense of Indian content writers a few weeks ago. Most would assume that an American writer would have very little nice to say about those who tend to undercut the prices U.S. writers want.

After writing my post, I sent an email to Amrit Hallan. Amrit is a content writer, based in India. I wondered how an Indian writer would feel about the issue. I found his reply worth mentioning here.

He echoed my sentiments about global economic realities making the prices charged by Indian writers perfectly reasonable (and profitable).

Amrit also noted:

"I'm not saying everybody is fair here--there are always black sheep in the herd (black or white, by the way, I love sheep, in fact, all animals) -- but they shouldn't be disliked merely because they are Indian writers. Many Indian writers are Booker Prize contenders these days...

Technology has shrunk the world in such a manner that...while sitting in New Delhi I can work for someone in Los Angeles without much hassle. This is today's reality. Instead of hating, they should adapt. There is space for all sorts of talents. "

I agree, Amrit! Those who complain about "low-balling" Indian writers should instead find ways to adapt to become more competitive.