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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What do 104 great people have in common? Content Done Better Report for 11/8/06...

I just hit the "post new message" button for today's issue of the Content Done Better Report, the free newsletter about the online content writing industry. It takes awhile for the send order to process, so it may take awhile before it hits subscriber mailboxes.

Speaking of subscribers, the current readership of CDBR has officially topped 100. There are 104 subscribers, to be exact. After the first issue went out two weeks ago, there has only been one "unscubscribe" from the first 70+ folks to join the list. Things appear to be going well.

If you aren't receiving the Content Done Better Report, you can subscribe using the handy form on the right sidebar of this blog.

The current issue features a great article on frequent pitfalls experienced by those writing SEO content by Mary Stasiewicz, another feature explaining what buyers want from writers by Corena Golliver, an update on the $125K Challenge, five fun and/or useful online freebies and more.

104 people can't be wrong! Subscribe to the Content Done Better Report ASAP.

Oh, and if you have an idea for a future feature article, feel free to pitch me on it. I'm on the lookout for great additions to future editions.