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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Content Done Better Report...A note to subscribers...Nov. 8 sneak preview...

The first issue of the Content Done Better Report, a free newsletter for those with an interest in the online content industry, was released on Wednesday the 25th.

As probably should've been expected, there were a few glitches in delivery. Some subscribers didn't get the newsletter. Thanks to all of you who took a moment to let me know about difficulties.

It appears as if the delivery failure for some subscribers was a result of one of X things. Some people thought they missed out and then "found" the newsletter in their spam folders. Others apparently subscribed (or thought they did) during a one-day period when the subscription form wasn't working. Some people did successfully subscribe, but only after the newsletter was mailed--I beat deadline by a few hours. A few people simply failed to respond to the confirmation email and one person, for reasons that will never be understood, couldn't get things to work with one email address but had no problem when they used an alternate addy.

Hopefully that should provide you with some clues if the first issue snuck by you.

The good news is that most people did receive the Content Done Better Report without any problems.

Subscriber totals continue to grow and I am looking forward to the next offering on November 8. If you haven't signed up yet, now is a perfect time! You can use the subscription form on the right sidebar...

I have two great feature articles lined up for the next issue and thought I would share a sneak preview of one of them with you. Corena Golliver is a frequent content buyer. She's been on the purchasing end of literally thousands of articles and has some great input for those in the industry. She's supplied a fantastic article and I think everyone will find it interesting (and pretty amusing). Here's an excerpt:

"I'm looking for a writer than can produce great content on time. I don’t care if he or she looks like hairy lumberjack or has an odd propensity of writing in high heels while wearing a thong and sipping foo foo drinks--all while having two fingers n a cast. The world of Internet content can be a very strange place. All kidding aside (and without actually divulging any of my writers' personal and private propensities) what I, as an Internet content purchaser am most concerned with is timeliness. The content world moves at the speed of lightning. Trends come and go. If a writer cannot turn over a project expeditiously, I am dead in the water."

Have a great Saturday and do subscribe to the newsletter if you have a moment. Oh, and if you did miss the first issue, you can read it in the archives (although you will have to subscribe successfully first, I believe).