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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The death of Adsense? Taking a break from discussing keyword density...Download a free ebook about Adsense...

I get as many, if not more, of those "FREE MONEYMAKING TOOL" as you probably do, and I have become pretty talented at making them disappear within seconds of receipt.

However, I think it is important for me, as a content writer and copywriter for many online entrepreneurs, to keep tabs on new developments in industries other than writing.

I'm also an Adsense user. I don't run contextual advertising on this blog, but I do on a small network of other sites and I like to stay up-to-date on related matters.

So, today I got an email from Joel Comm. For those of you who aren't familiar with the name, Joel is something of an "Adsense guru" and has done very well for himself selling people various tools, ebooks, etc. on mastering Adsense. Some people love him. Others think he's prone to packaging freely available information and peddling it to those who don't know any better.

I've seen Joel back some ideas that look pretty interesting. I have also seen his name associated with some products that didn't appeal to me very much (he backed some article ghostwriting software that I didn't think looked too impressive for and I think he has been involved in a "word cloud" script that seems downright silly to me). In any case, when I see Comm involved in something, I know that it is going to get widespread exposure. So, I generally take a look at what he has to say.

Today's email wasn't actually for anything Joel's doing directly. It was an offer to download a free report called "The Death of Adsense." Considering that many of my clients utilize Adsense as a monetization strategy and the fact that I make a few hundred bucks with Adsense every month, I decided to take a look at it.

Scott Boulch wrote the report and he provides some insight as to why people are seeing their Adsense revenues drop and why some of the changes with Google's Adwords program spells doom for the program.

Personally, I think that some of the standard "high volume, low margin" methods of Adsense income creation are severely crippled for a number of reasons. Scott addresses some of the main reasons why things are going downwhill for people embracing that model.

Anyway, it's a quick read and it's absolutely free. Only takes a few seconds to snag the download. I think it is worth looking at if you are:

  • Currently using Adsense or thinking about doing so.
  • A writer who works for those utilizing Adsense as a moneymaking strategy.
  • Interested in a perspective that's likely to get a lot of attention in the near future.
  • Like ebooks with creepy skull graphics (perfect for Halloween).
So, I recommend downloading it and giving it a read. That goes for my customers, prospective customers and writing colleagues.

Although the report doesn't peddle any products (something tells me that will probably come with Part II), it is definitely from an internet marketer. That means you will have to wade through a little bit of hype and a somewhat ego-driven mini-biography of the author, but the core message is interesting and sheds some light on why the late 2005 shift in Adwords campaign purchasing (allowing content network opt-outs) was a nail in the coffin of Adsense.

Oh, and I do believe in full disclosure. I get a whopping FIFTY CENTS if you download the free ebook. If that makes you jealous, you can do the same thing after you grab your copy.

Would I have mentioned the ebook without the fifty cent per download bounty? Yeah, probably. I know that at least one other big name in the industry is planning to unload a bigger report on why it's time to re-think Adsense and I believe it's the kind of thing people should check out. But, if I make enough to buy a few tacos on Taco Tuesday at Taco John's, so much the better.

Here's the creepy looking banner. You can click on that to grab your report.

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