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Thursday, August 31, 2006

THURSDAY SPECIAL: One content "promo pack" for a measly sum...

Here's the weekly special...

You get:

A press release for your site.
Five brand new, completely unique distribution-ready articles for directory submission/backlink generation. 500 words each.

Maybe you have a new site that you are getting ready to push. Maybe you'd like to breathe a little life into an existing project. Either way, this is a cheap way to shove SERPs and get some visibility in one fell swoop.

The price? A measly $100.

All work is backed by the usual Content Done Better three-pronged guarantee. One person only. The first to get in touch about the week's special is the lucky winner. You can contact me at cdbrack@gmail.com or you can use the form on the right sidebar. You may also use the contact form at Content Done Better.

Not a bad deal!