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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

CDB for KPO...Don't let acronyms fool you...

Business process outsourcing is BPO. Knowledge processing outsourcing is KPO. Content writing falls under the KPO umbrella.

Apparently, the acronyms make life easier for some people. They want an easy-to-use expression to indicate the kind of outsourcing in which they engage and they choose to make a delineation between the more routine aspects of daily business operation (BPO) and the more creative/skill-based elements (KPO).

So, Content Done Better is a great resource for those looking to for a KPO solution to their writing needs. Yet, for some reason, this post represents the very first time I have used the acronym in this blog. Why?

Although I first saw "KPO" quite some time ago, I didn't really see a need to label Content Done Better that way. That's because knowledge process outsourcing is a big tent with several parties and the writing jamboree only takes up one small corner. It's also because I didn't really hear my customers using the expression, which made me think it was probably fairly marginal in terms of recognized jargon.

Over the last few weeks, however, I have noticed "KPO" used with greater frequency. It seems to be a favored expression among Indian firms offering BPO and KPO services, in particular. In fact, when I do a quick Google for "KPO content writing" (no quotes), the majority of first page results link to Indian operations and one of them offers a long list of KPO providers dominated by Indian entries.

I know that many North American, UK and Australian writers have strong opinions about Indian writers. I personally don't share much of their concerns (see: Bhaav kam karo... and Indian content writers revisited...), so I don't plan on going into some diatribe about outsourcing to India.

One thing we can all agree upon, however, is that Indian providers in a number of fields have done a great job of securing business from US-based businesses. Many of these folks really know how to market their services attractively and effectively.

Which is why I finally decided to accept the KPO designation with respect to Content Done Better. I suppose you could say I am copying my Indian counterparts in that respect and I wouldn't deny doing so.

According to a quick check on Nichebot, the term "KPO" is getting some search activity (although not much yet) and "BPO" gets quite a bit of action. I don't want potential customers to take their business elsewhere just because I am not toting the acronym for which they are looking.

So, if you have KPO needs with respect to content writing, don't let the predominant users of the acronym fool you. There are competitively priced, high quality alternatives here in the U.S., too. We might use "content writer," "freelance writer," "ghostwriter," or some other expression to refer to ourselves, but we are right there in the KPO tent ready to help you out.

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