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Thursday, July 27, 2006

THURSDAY SPECIAL: Seven part autoresponder series for next to nothing...

Research indicates that online buyers need multiple exposures to your product before making a purchase. That's one reason why a good site with sticky, tempting, and constantly-updated content is so important. It's also why a series of autmoated follow-up emails is a preferred tool of many successful internet marketers.

Do you have a product that could benefit from a seven-piece autoresponder series? If you do, this is a great offer.

I will produce seven autoresponder messages in support of your project. These won't just be seven mediocre solo ads. They will be informative, content-rich pieces that will entertain and inform while acting in aid of your product.

I've written dozens of these series for marketers, including some for very recognized industry names. They keep coming back for more because this strategy produces results.

You get a seven piece series. Each message will weigh in between 150 and 250 words (long enough to be meaningful, short enough not to be overwhelming).

You'll spend only $40.

I am taking two orders and closing the offer.

You can reserve your autoresponder series by emailing me at cdbrack@gmail.com, by using the form on the right sidebar of this blog, or by using the form on the main page of Content Done Better--whichever is easiest for you. Please don't try to reserve your slot using the comments section of this post.

I will edit this post when both slots are taken...