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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dogs and worms bring Content Done Better Blog out of temporary hibernation...

I have been skipping the daily blog post in an effort to recover from vacation and to beat down a growing pile of work.

However, I found something today that compelled me to post. I keep an eye out for others who have mentioned me or my work online. I imagine most freelance writers do the same thing with respect to their businesses.

The photo accompanying this post is of a page that mentions Content Done Better. More particularly, it is a little scraper site that decided to steal one of my blog posts for use as keyword rich content. You should be able to click on it to see it in all of its full-sized glory.

I am completely opposed to this kind of content misappropriation, and to lousy sites of that sort. However, my distaste for their nefarious activities is secondary to the fact that my post ended up being stolen for use on a site ostensibly dedicated to "How to treat dog round worms."

I'd probably be p*ssed off if it wasn't so funny. Somehow, my 100th post here has become fodder for a Google gamer site dedicated to round worms.

If the photo isn't enough for you, check out the site (while it lasts) here.

Oh, and here is my original post that was "excerpted" on that fine site. At least they linked back, I suppose.