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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Guest Blogger Eliza Ferree: Keep ahead of the Game

The trend in content writing. Have ya'll noticed there are trends in the content writing field? That's right, you must pay close attention though to catch on. In a lot of ways content writing is just like writing for a magazine. There are certain seasons that subjects are most popular and there are ways that you can be ahead of the game.

No, I'm not saying content writing it a fad, but the subjects are.
While some are only popular for a certain amount of times, others will come back every year. Think about summer time. What types of content would you find? Summer, summer vacations, oils, trips, rentals, beaches, bathing suits, etc. Winter you might find trips, skiing, rental, snow gear, colds and flus, etc. There are a ton of possiblities during the seasons.

Trends could be a popular shoe, a new gadget that recently came out, law suits, etc. You get the picture. Movie stars can also be popular.

Try to write up a bunch of these articles right before the season hits. Once people start advertising you'll be one up. Not to mention you can build your own site and sell them invidually or in bunches. Coming up with ideas can be a lot of fun, but when that little brain clicks off you'll need something to fall back on. Write a quick list now before it shuts down, this way you'll have them when you need them. Score message boards and bidding sites to see what's popular. It's all about research after all. The ball's in your court, think wisely before you make your move.

Special guest blogger Eliza Ferree is a freelance writer and blogger. You can visit her at http://entertainusnews.blogspot.com/