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Thursday, May 04, 2006

This is what I am up against? Misinformation re: content...

I stumbled across this gem today. It was written as a free article that discusses the "benefits" of using a software program that culls various article repositories for free articles one can use to fill up his or her website. I am not providing a backlink, because this barely-disguised promo piece doesn't deserve one.

"If you plan to write content for your own site then it will surely take you a long time to finish a good number of quality pages.Hiring a content writer freelancer to write good quality web content or articles is a good option but only for those who have a lot of money to give away.Even after that you cannot be sure that it’s your money’s worth and you will get good content pages which will have no grammatical errors in them.

Q:What do you in such a situation when you are out of content and articles.
A:You find article which are free and use them on your blogs and websites(It is important that you follow the rules, policy of the available article, example : Not changing the text or links of the article)."

It's tough to know where to start with this one...

(1) You can determine whether or not an expenditure on content will generate sufficient profit to make the investment worthwhile. Hint: It usually does if you shop around for the right provider and have an understanding of your online business.

(2) You can be sure of receiving quality work that follows grammatical rules. Hint: Hire a professional.

(3) Free articles, when actually interesting, create a nasty little escape valve from your page. Visitors might just click on the link in the author's bio.

(4) Outfitting a site with noting but freebies risks creating a situation where you have so many outgoing links that it begins to drain your sites PR.

(5) Reliance on pure material does risk less than stellar treatment from Google, et al. The duplicate content filter is not as sensitive nor as draconian as some would believe, but good fresh stuff should always be preferred.

(6) Not only will original content kick your SERPs upward, it will also give people a reason to stay on your site. Even if your business model is Adsense-based, that makes good sense. Keep them long enough to get a click. Your CTR is bound to be higher if people are not fleeing via the left arrow button instantly upon seeing that the site is nothing but retread material.

(7) The article quoted above is a perfect example of why you DON'T want to rely on free articles. That free article is so overstuffed with grammatical and formatting errors that it would fail to garner a passing grade at almost any grade level. It is the kind of thing you don't want your potential customers to see. It is the kind of text that makes people run away without even considering a click on an ad, an affiliate link or anything else.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Hey, there are good reasons and times to use free articles.

Arguing that free articles are a reasonable substitute for unique content, however, is untrue.