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Friday, May 19, 2006

Article marketing...Irony in action...

As a freelance content writer, I am often called upon to write articles that will eventually be distributed to article repositories and directories by my clients. These articles will, in turn, be picked up on other sites. Each time they get picked up, that handy little bio box featuring a backlink to the client's site goes along with it. The end result is an increased link total, amping up one's SERPs and some increased direct traffic flow off the articles themselves.

Article marketing works. One can argue about its long-term effectiveness and the best way to do it, but it does make a difference. The other day, I had a client from whom I have not heard for a few months ask me to do a series of articles he will be using as part of his article marketing strategy.

I looked at one of the articles I had written for him last November and decided to see how well it had done for him. Based on a cursory Googling, the article is currently on display at well over 200 different sites. That's >200 backlinks for him and some additional traffic. Last time I worked with him, I did ten pieces. That is some great link-building for the price!

Despite my understanding of article marketing's effectiveness and the fact that I have written countless articles for others that have been used for that purpose, I have been horrible about doing it myself. That changed a short while ago. I am now committed to regularly writing and distributing free articles as means of promoting Content Done Better.

Not only will I reap the rewards of a great marketing strategy, I will also be able to sleep better knowing I have corrected a bit of my own stupidity in the process!